The Miami Loop

Function: Sea Plane Terminal
Type: Competition Entry, 3rd Prize
Year: 2010

The new Miami Seaplane Terminal is prominently located on Watson Island, directly across from the Downtown Miami skyline, connecting sky and shoreline.
The functions call for a directionless form, both open and centered. A compact and functional volume is created by consolidating the spatial program around a central square. Shifting the volume above the water’s edge and raising the building creates a gateway for planes onto the water, allows for views from inside the ring, and creates an observation deck over the water.
The terminal and the hangars are organized on one floor around the central square, which allows for functional room sequences. The restaurant and the viewing platform occupy the most prominent part of the Miami Loop: the arch that cantilevers far over the water’s edge. The Miami Loop is a new destination and attraction and is becoming a distinctive feature of the Miami skyline.

Exhibited at the exhibition “Dawntown Miami - The First Four Years Of Ideas”, University of Miami, 09-23.11 2011
Published in “wettbewerbe aktuell”, issue 06/2011

Gerd Wetzel, mit Martin Plock