Munich 19.21

Conceptual proposal for the growth of Munich, presented and awarded at the 2017 UIA-Conference in Seoul.

Munich 19.21 is a strategic design proposal dealing with the rapid growth of Munich, Germanys 3rd largest city. It works with a graphic approach, thus tackling the several major issues that accompany growth: communication and visualization of ideas and creating a specific sense of place. It is a playful visual approach, working with existing urban patterns and structures.
It aims to handle questions, using well established architectural methods: research, copy and adaptation in order to achieve a specific sense of place.
The main questions handled are: How could we turn the momentum of massive growth into a positive movement, leaving behind new parts of cities with a specific sense of place?
How could we use the existing dna of urban structures be as basis for the genesis of urban places?
How could we use „Objet Trouvé“ structures and modify them for new uses?
How could we take away the fear of change and turn it into a vision?
Presented and awarded with an Outstanding Paper / Design Work Presentation Award at the UIA2017 Congress in Seoul, Korea.

Elena Ambacher, Jenny Niklasch, Gerd Wetzel