STUDIOWETZEL is an urban and architectural design studio founded by Gerd Wetzel. Through our optimistic design methodology and approach, we would like to invite everybody to engage with the possibilities of creating positive futures. More info →  

Research investigating design methods, challenging approaches to urban planning, competitions varying in scale, buildings, and designs in any shape and form, function, or program. 

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Animation: ReTi, renovation of an apartment in a listed building, completed 2015

Developing educational settings, knowledge-sharing, workshops, inputs, idea development, display methods, and more.

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Images and animation: designs developed by students in the 2nd semester in Studio Wetzel at the HfT Stuttgart & in the 1st semester at the KIT in Karlsruhe, Chair of Architectural Space and Design, Prof. Marc Frohn and in the 1st semester at the IU Ulm